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Lee-Enfield No4 alloy buttplate
Lee-Enfield No4 alloy buttplate Lee-Enfield No4 alloy buttplate

Lee-Enfield No4 alloy buttplate

This is a genuine alloy buttplate for a Lee-Enfield no4 m1* rifle, in very good used condition. They are similar but not the same as the SMLE buttplate in shape, and the alloy ones were mostly seen on Savage or Long Branch models. If you have a no4 rifle where the buttplate doesn't fit quite flush, especially at the top where it fits into a notch in the buttstock, then it is probably fitted with a SMLE buttplate and this is for you.

(SMLE buttplates are reproduced whereas No4 buttplates are not and are surprisingly hard to find.)

Our Price: £50.00

Our Price: £50.00

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British Patt' 1907 Sanderson made bayonet and scabbard, 1918 dated, 1940 dated Patt'37 frog

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