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.303 Lee-Enfield 5-round stripper clip  **OUT OF STOCK**
.303 Lee-Enfield 5-round stripper clip  **OUT OF STOCK** .303 Lee-Enfield 5-round stripper clip  **OUT OF STOCK**

.303 Lee-Enfield 5-round stripper clip **OUT OF STOCK**

These are WW2  style stripper, or charger, loading clips used to load 5 rounds of .303" ammunition into the magazine of the Lee-Enfield SMLE and No4 rifles, and also the Enfield P14 rifles, in one quick action. The loader clip was discarded once the rounds were pushed down into the magazine. The P14 would hold 5 rounds only, whilst the Lee-Enfields would hold 10, giving it a distinct advantage over other battle-field rifles like the German Mausers.

Our Price: £2.00 each ( rounds not included)

Note: multiple orders will have postage discounted on request.

Our Price: £2.00


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50 linked inert .30-06 machine gun cartridges  **OUT OF STOCK**
50 linked inert .30-06 machine gun cartridges **OUT OF STOCK**

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