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1) A Deactivated Weapon? What does this mean??
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 Home > 1) A Deactivated Weapon? What does this mean?? 

'Deactivated' is the term applied to any  firearm that has been rendered 'incapable of discharging any shot, bullet or other missile'.
For a firearm to be concidered deactivated to comply with UK law, the deactivation process must have been carried out by an authorised body, and this work must have been inspected, and passed, by an authorised Proof House in the UK.  The Proof House stamps the various deactivated components with a discreet mark to show they comply with the law, and then issues a Deactivation Certificate for that firearm, recording amongst other details, the make of the firearm, the serial number and calibre.
Once a firearm is deactivated as described above, it no longer requires a firearms licence to own it. The law only requires that the owner be 18 years of age or more.
What is actually done to the firearm? Deactivation covers the major components. Ie the barrel, the receiver or breech, and the firing mechanism, to varying degrees, depending on the type and design of the firearm.  It involves the machining away of vital material to weaken the parts and render them unusable, and welding in of obstructions to prevent anything being loaded or passing down the barrel. The resultant product is a completely harmless piece of military or sporting history, that almost anybody can own and display and educate with.
All deactivated firearms sold by Jaybe Militaria comply fully with UK law, and carry Proof House stamps and Certificates of Deactivation.

The above information is intended only as a basic overview of this complex subject, and not an absolute explanation. If you have any doubts or concerns about any firearm, whatever it's condition, seek expert advice.

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Deactivated Lee-Enfield no4 mk2 British made rifle dated 1954 **SOLD**
Deactivated Lee-Enfield no4 mk2 British made rifle dated 1954 **SOLD**

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